sajauktās dimensijas / disarranged dimensions

by Apziņas Parazīti / Parasites of Consciousness

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released November 1, 2003

Recorded: 2002./2003. at LNT “mūsmājas”, room 38.
Gints Rētihs – music / voice / bass / piano
Garix – voice / guitar
.suic – a.n.nihil cq46a – web / distribution / promo (in the past, not now)

+ Gatis Ivans guitar (sajauktās dimensijas / disarranged dimensions), Zīle – voice (Armands ir miris / Armand is dead); + Māriņš Vaters – guitar / voice (viņi.mēs / they.we), (aukstums.klusums.tukšums / cold.silence.emptiness); + Andrejs Polozkovs, Liene Kukare, Līga Lapuķe, Laura Livandovska, Guntis Kolbergs, Zane Kronberga – voices, screams (saule vēl spīdēs / sun will shine); + aukstums.klusums.tukšums / cold.silence.emptiness – music M. Vaters + G. Rētihs + “the eNd”(music from A.P. theatrical “Divas savādas Pasaules…”/ “Two Strange Worlds…”)

Lyrics: Tārps, Rētihs, A. Čaks
Translation: Edyte

disarranged dimensions… away…clown sings preludes and cries, cause night and in only shoe hole…in the fog…doors to disarranged reality…




all rights reserved


Apziņas Parazīti / Parasites of Consciousness Latvia

"Experimental research of mind through music and theater". Imagine - some kind of secret modern therapy, antisocial, maniacal depression obsessed persons, mental hospital patients music band, trying to express they thoughts, visions, dreams, pain, loneliness, emptiness, sadness, scars through music and theater.

Not for everyone.

Jorg / Tookahead, Berlin
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Track Name: sajauktās dimensijas / disarranged dimensions
[English translation]

You died, I stayed in the rain
You died, rain stayed for me

With trembling hands, shivering pace
Walking to the gallows for nothing

Is it fair?
Is it honest?
I don’t care

Morgue is opened, but no places there
Nobody puts flowers on mass graves, cause don’t know for who

Only those, only those who pays, but I don’t have money

Slowly, accidentally all is said
I’ve finished
There’s nothing left, what now
Let’s stay like it is

I’m in paradise
Disarranged dimensions
Lost in the fog
Disappeared in the rain
Track Name: neaizbēgt / not to run away
[English translation]

There are many of us, you don’t know any
Don’t know yourself
Do you know yourself?
There is a time when we have to leave, to come, to be
Good luck, smile!
That is so simple
There you are, there you’re not
But maybe no need
That way is easer, simpler, better, more comfortable
But I don’t believe you

Will tie dreams together, put in the balloon and let in the sky
In the morning crows will caw about it
And early walkers will wonder
You won’t be tomorrow, today either
I won’t be pity. Nobody will be pity
There will always be someone who weeps
Blind scars will heal up, in sleepless nights someone will remember
Someone who will miss truly
Everyone wants something beautiful, something really nice
Yes, of course
Wake up in the morning – shit, in afternoon – shit
In evening shit too, and so almost every day
Sure, then want to go to the sea
Or on the museum, to the forest, anyway
To see something beautiful
That place, from where you’ve come, doesn’t exist
That place, which you wanted to reach, never was
In that place, where you’re now, isn’t anything good
Except that, that you can run away from it
Where is the place for you –it doesn’t exist
Please, take a knife
And you know, cut it in my back
I don’t forget, who I am, please
Head is aching, seems, someone beats there something
Track Name: aizejot naktī / leaving in the night
[English translation]

We were flying in the wind
Running in the snow
We were burning ice candles
Sinking one in another

In the 3rd floor lights lighted up
No one lives in 3rd floor anymore

Train will not drive further
No one knows why
This train has stopped
But rails are ahead
Damned ones lives there
Cowards fall first
Fire and smoke comes after us
Fire and smoke will stay after us
We’re leaving in the night, without asking anyone
We’re leaving in the night alone but all together
Without footprints, but with sound of steps
Searching, finding and loosing quietly, quietly
Still touching, finding or loosing
In the dark, ignorance or dazzling light
Finding exactly something to believe and adore
Finding future, finding mundane

Candles die out,
Smoke goes in the dark night, no one left
We’re leaving in the night without asking
Without saying anything
Track Name: enģeļi / angels
[English translation]

Angels falls, angels weep
Paradise burns and plastic melts
Soul dies, your soul dies
All the same, all the same
Angels falls, angels weep
Soul dies, your soul dies
All the same, all the same
Heaven won’t let us in
Heaven will turn us out
Will turn us out, will let us out
Will take us away, won’t let us in
All the same – in black hell
All the same – in damp hole
Soul dies, your soul dies
Angels falls, angels weep
All the same, all the same
Track Name: margrietiņa / daisy
[English translation]

Strength, give me other face / in the wrinkles of crippled face / not to fear in front of death /
Freezing breath of afterworld air / green bars in front of window / one more year spent in hard way/
Spirit and land get lost / ray of torch disappears in the dark night /
Touching along charmed way, not walked by people of sense /
Lost stranger, lost solitary/
Murdered traveller, slight shine of hangman’s smile /
Shadows surround my mind not letting to sell the soul /
Swam in everyone’s pain, cry / go away / my mind is locked /
Jerked dark like a rope / threw out from wet air of slaughterhouse /
With wicked death in lunge / shoot arrow in far, holed sky
Listening to you /
Eat liver of goat, what you’ re now, were or will be /
Your life is a silk, poured with wine /
Your bloody hands / calling death / calling killed well /
You leave quietly / not in eternity, unfortunately /
But here on the next room / where fall right in the chair /
And lament till bitter day of return /
Wandering in thoughts, dieing in hunger /
Not looking for lost key / to open the gates /
Where hangman is guard, but all devils are playing organ /
Dusts nibbling in your throat /
Life is not your destiny /
That is pale face of death, who is telling now jokes for you /
Want to die and vanish quietly /
Lock your heart in safe / forge your mouth in iron sea /
Will be alone forever / and going in this circle road /
Somewhere quiet bells are ringing / smell like daisies /
And death is walking in meadow / and picking flowers in sunlight /
Scream of this cursed scene / echoes in all parts of ears, eyes /
And pulls out from every thought of peace /
Track Name: apziņas parazīts / parasite of consciousness
[English translation]

Parasite of consciousness slumbers in brains
Gnaws slowly thoughts of victim.
Man confuses already being a child,
Thinks, that girl is the sick boy.

But I know – will not be more like this,
Cause tomorrow I’ll be awake again.
But I feel – will not be more like this,
Cause dream will end in the early morning

Crows of consciousness throws in branches,
Clouds weep, who will feed them now.
In tears even stately pines brakes
And rails never to join
Track Name: kailie koki pustumsā / naked trees in the twilight
[English translation]

We don’t know anymore which side to go, which is the right way
Who cannot rise, needs help to fall
Who cannot rise, let stay

Naked trees in the twilight and shadows, who hide behind them
White, innocent snow
And silence, depressing hopeless and exciting
Cannot know and predict, in which moment something unexpected, suddenly will happen
Strained nerves, comprehension and …
Fears creeping imperceptibly, wandering
Ties with indissoluble strong ropes
Dancing in circle, whispering incomprehensible words
Foresee in mind almost touchable eruption of fear and madness
Challenged, raised by ordinary peace and silence
Unconsciousness draws ghosts, consciousness dresses them into colours, decorate them
Images, pictures, events, views, faces, words, phrases blast in the memory…
That can’t hold at, put in some dark corner
Visions covers with reality, cannot understand what is real, what is imagination or vision,
Your scream echo in time and space again and again
Like locked up in cardboard box, driven in the corner, while after while your own scream resound again, again and again
Messed up in one implacable and becomes yours, into you, with you and around you
What to do, you know, dictates someone who doesn’t exists, and all
All begins from start
Point to stop as to the traffic lights on the crossing
In our everyday hurry we haste ourselves
From labyrinth out, in another in
Track Name: mūžibā … deg sveces / in eternity … candles burn
[English translation]

Why does people die?
Why does people feel anything?
Lot of why, couple of your staring eyes

Answers are scratched on the edge of the cloud, right there, where you don’t have strength to go

Two and half eternities glitters, white bulbs were lighting
To fold up brains and to iron smooth, smooth
Kings leaves this land properly,
Replacing their absence with lightly sour wine
Black, black are your ashes
Light, light are our sweat
Fragile, fragile are our tears
Quiet, quiet close your eyes and sleep
Asphalted road with white line in middle ends in the dark
Objective point of view in hopelessness
Fog covers her pale face over everything
Time sense grows numb and wind, which was hidden and driven sands
Quick, quick you met your life
Slow, slow we accompany you,
In white, white beautiful dress,
Light, light, slide in remote of eternity
Hand in hand we all together accompany you in last gait, in eternity